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Tuesday, 25 June 2019
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StreetMark: The StreetGames License

This is an on-line, tick-box, self-assessment application form for the StreetMark award. It is not necessary to tick all the boxes to successfully apply for StreetMark.

StreetMark holders enjoy:

  • A formal partnership with StreetGames - the nationally recognised agency for delivering sport in deprived areas.
  • Evidence that local delivery meets national standards for delivering sport in deprived areas.
  • Access to strong networks in sport and neighbourhood renewal.
  • Access to tournaments and competitions at the right level which promote positive ethics.
  • The right to use the brand and promotional materials including t-shirts and certificates.
  • Support from StreetGames Regional Managers in design, delivery and development meetings.
  • Online monitoring and evaluation system.
  • First call to test out new developments and pilot schemes.
  • Access to year round training and networking events and activities: many at a reduced rate.
  • Networking opportunities to share good practice and propose new developments.
  • Access to the website including blogging rights and discussion forum.
  • Support for local fundraising through fundraising bulletins.
  • Access to twice yearly conferences or national get-togethers at reduced rates.
  • Specialist consultancy and advice on delivering sport in deprived areas at reduced rates.

There are 6 sections to complete:

1. Quality and safety assurance

2. Branding policy

3. Monitoring and evaluation

4. Financial regulations

5. StreetGames vision

6. Promoting positive ethics

Local projects are advised to discuss their application with the Regional StreetGames Manager before starting out on this application process. An early conversation will make for fewer mistakes. Holders of StreetMark are required to hold their own insurances.

To regsiter your project for StreetMark accreditation follow this link:


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